Franchise Flippers is the world’s premier franchise resale buyer and seller marketplace where serious franchise buyers and sellers connect to get deals done.  As a powerhouse resource center on how to sell or buy a franchise business, Franchise Flippers also provides the knowledge and support franchise resale buyers and sellers need to move ahead.  Years in the making, the Franchise Flippers empire was formed from the unique experiences of its founders, Jeremy Pourbaix and Chris Baker.  

For Pourbaix, the company’s CEO, it started with nearly two decades of high achievement and growth in the franchise industry as a franchisee, area developer, and adviser.  Pourbaix made a good living, helped countless other franchise owners buy, grow, and sell their franchises, and sold his collective franchise operations for just over $1.3 million when he was ready to move on.  Along the way, Pourbaix found his passion for helping others realize the American Dream in franchising.

Meanwhile Baker, the company’s President, was hitting a series of home runs as a consultant, executive, and founder of numerous organizations. For over 30 years, Baker created and sold numerous businesses and played pivotal roles as an owner, investor, and executive in business sales totaling almost $100 million. Baker now shares his passion and expertise on how to manage, sell, and buy a franchise with the franchise industry.

In 2018, having sold his last remaining franchise operation, Pourbaix joined Baker to evaluate a small franchising entity. Together, they gained a tremendous understanding and appreciation for the hard work and investment required to be a franchisor.  In particular, they saw firsthand the obstacles franchisors faced when selling company-owned locations. Not surprisingly, this mirrored the challenges franchisees faced when selling their own operation. If you’ve ever tried to sell an operating franchise, you’ve undoubtedly determined the same.

The avenues for marketing franchise resales were limited, expensive, and lacked franchise specific expertise and focus. The franchise community was in desperate need of a dedicated franchise resale marketplace and resource center where buyers and sellers could converge to make great  deals happen. Thus, the Franchise Flippers Marketplace was born!

Franchise Flippers Uniquely Helps Sellers

  • Connect directly with qualified buyers who want to purchase an existing franchise operation
  • Learn how to get maximum value for a franchise resale
  • Stand out from the sea of non-franchised brands and unopened franchise territories for sale
  • Present their franchise in a way that engages interested buyers
  • Utilize a variety of techniques and strategies to generate leads and find prospects
  • Find franchise legal support when needed to close a deal with confidence
  • Quickly cash out and pursue other opportunities

Franchise Flippers Uniquely Helps Buyers

  • Identify quality existing franchise resales
  • Learn about franchises that are the best fit
  • Network with motivated, serious franchise sellers
  • Connect to funding sources to finance acquisitions
  • Creatively negotiate a fair deal
  • Avoid the hassle of sorting through endless numbers of non-franchised businesses and new franchise territories
  • Find cheap franchises for sale

Franchise Flippers Uniquely Helps Franchisors

  • Boost brand equity by being more attractive to buyers
  • Preserve royalties by turning terminations into transfers
  • Capture resale buyers to sell more franchises

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