Do you charge commissions or other fees to buyers or sellers?

We do not charge commissions or other fees. Sellers simply pay a small monthly fee or one-time listing fee. That’s it!

What services does Franchise Flippers provide to franchise owners?

Franchise Flippers offers a variety of valuable services to franchise owners who are considering selling their franchise.  Whether you need to determine the value of your franchise, find the best strategy for selling it when the time is right, or simply want to promote it for sale on the largest dedicated franchise resale marketplace in North America, we can help you.  Request a free consultation with a franchise resale advisor today.

How do you promote my franchise for sale?

We advertise your franchise for sale in a variety of unique ways.  First, Franchise Flippers boasts the largest exclusive franchise resale marketplace in North America.  We promote your franchise for sale on our world class marketplace with a clean and attractive listing that is designed to demand the attention and curiosity of buyers.  Second, if you choose our Featured or Premium service options, we promote your franchise for sale to our ever growing community of buyers looking for great existing franchises to buy.  Finally, we utilize our diverse social media network to ensure your franchise listing gets additional quality exposure to as many buyers as possible.  Contact us to learn more about the various ways we can help you sell your franchise.

Are you business brokers?

No. We are not business brokers. If you would like to work with a business broker that is knowledgeable and experienced in franchise resales, we can make an introduction. Contact us for information.

What is the cost to sell a franchise business using your services?

You can list your franchise business for sale for as little as $9 per month for a Basic listing or $29 per month for a Featured listing.  Or you can select our Premium Listing and Exit Consulting Service.  This service includes a customized Franchise Exit Roadmap to help you create the best plan for selling your franchise, multiple consultations with an expert franchise resale advisor to help guide your way, a sales price recommendation (or a valuation estimate for a small additional fee), resources to help you effectively work with buyers, and a Premium listing on our marketplace that stays active until you sell your franchise, all for a one time fee of $399 ($899 with valuation estimate).

Can you help me determine the best sales price for my business?

While setting the asking price of your business is ultimately up to you, we can provide you with a Value Estimate for just $399 (or just $300 if coupled with our Franchise Exit Road Map).  Our Value Estimate process helps you understand the value of your franchise and provides you with comps of other similar businesses that have sold or are for sale now so that you can make the right decision about selling your franchise and set your asking price with confidence.

What do buyers pay Franchise Flippers?

Nothing! Buyers can hunt for great deals on franchises and peruse our franchise resale marketplace for free!

I’m interested in buying a business. How do I connect with a seller?

Simply click on the “Get More Info” button within a listing and we will pass your contact information to the seller. Once we connect you with a seller, you can communicate with them directly to learn more about their franchise and determine if it is the right business for you.  Be sure to check out our free franchise buyer resources to help you through the process of buying a franchise.

How long will it take me to create my listing?

Creating your franchise for sale listing is easy and can be completed in minutes. Need help? If you choose our Premium listing service an expert will create your listing for you.

How long will my listing last?

Your Premium listing stays active until you sell your business.  The Basic and Featured listings are paid monthly and you can cancel any time.  There is no minimum monthly requirement.

What information do I need to get my listing started?

No need to dig up old tax returns or your lease! Your listing can go live in minutes on our franchise business store by providing basic business information about your franchise for sale. Although creating a listing with comprehensive information will attract more buyers, don’t wait to get started… Sell your business now with the information you know and have handy. You can always update or edit later.

Do I need to disclose the name or logo of my franchise brand?

You don’t have to provide your brand name or logo in your franchise for sale listing. You can keep things confidential, or whenever possible, we recommend leveraging the strength and recognition of your franchise brand by including it in your listing to attract more buyers.

How do potential franchise buyers contact me?

When potential buyers want to learn more about your business for sale, we introduce them to you. You’ll receive an email from us with their name and contact information.  Additionally, all of your buyer inquiries will be saved in your Franchise Flippers account under your “inquiries” tab so you can view them at any time.

How do you get buyers to your site?

Buyers rely on our Franchises For Sale marketplace to find franchise businesses like yours for sale. They frequently visit our Resources Center for advice on how to buy a franchise. We attract buyers to your listing by participating in large franchise expos and through comprehensive digital and social media marketing campaigns.

How long will it take to sell my franchise?

Selling a business can often take 6-12 months. It is important to be patient, yet aggressive in marketing your business for sale.

Do you sell new franchise territories?

To help your business stand out from the new franchise and non-franchise business crowd, Franchise Flippers only lists operating franchise businesses for sale. If it’s not a franchise and not currently operating, we don’t list it.  Only franchises, only resales!  However, if you are looking for a new franchise to start, we can help you find the right franchise to buy.  Request a free consultation here.

Where can I buy a cheap franchise?

If you are looking to buy a cheap franchise, a multi-million dollar franchise, or something in-between, you have found the right place. Visit our Franchise Resale Marketplace to find the perfect franchise business for sale.

Do you offer a discount if I want to sell multiple franchises?

Yes.  If you have more than one franchise for sale, we offer discounts for multiple listings. Contact us for information.

As a potential buyer, what are the benefits of creating a Franchise Flippers account?

Buyers with a Franchise Flippers account have the ability to save their favorite listings in their dashboard for easy reference, keep track of the introductions made to sellers, and see special insights, such as if seller financing is available, why the franchise is being sold, what the seller loves about their franchise, and what growth opportunities exist. You will also receive helpful insights on how to buy a franchise business and receive a free consultation with a franchise consultant to help guide you towards the best franchise. You can create you account here.







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