Today’s successful franchisors recognize the important role resales play in maintaining healthy existing units, selling new territories, and avoiding terminations and non-renewals. Franchise Flippers helps Franchisors with lead generation, sale support, and advice to build and maximize franchise brands.


Sell More New Units

Buyers are attracted to and more likely to purchase a new franchise when they are confident they can sell when the time is right. Franchisors demonstrating a history of successful resale transfers boost buyer confidence and benefit from an increased demand and higher perceived value for their new franchise sales. Our firm is here to help franchisors generate leads, sell more franchises and support franchisees.


Avoid Terminations and Non-Renewals

Every Franchisor has franchisees who  must move on. A resale transfer can replace poor performers and avoid what otherwise might be a non-renewal or termination, thus improving your Item 19.


Sell Company-Owned Units

Franchise Flippers provides a marketplace, advice, and sales resources for franchisors to generate leads to sell company-owned units.