Why BUY a Black Optix Tint Franchise?

In Black Optix Tint, we bring style and comfort to your ride with expert window tinting. Imagine a driving experience where the sun’s glare is tamed, your privacy is protected, and your car looks effortlessly cool. That’s the world of Black Optix Tint.

What makes us stand out is our commitment to providing more than just tinting – we offer a lifestyle upgrade. Our team of skilled professionals is here to transform your vehicle, ensuring you ride in comfort and style. At Black Optix Tint, simplicity is key, and our goal is to make your tinting experience straightforward and enjoyable.

Black Optix Tint excels in making your car stand out. We offer a range of tinting options to suit your preferences, from enhancing aesthetics to reducing heat and glare. Our service is more than a makeover; it’s an investment in your driving pleasure.

Choose Black Optix Tint for a tinting experience that goes beyond expectations. It’s not just about tinting your windows; it’s about elevating your driving experience with style, comfort, and a touch of cool. Welcome to the world where your ride becomes a statement, courtesy of Black Optix Tint.

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The Black Optix Tint Difference

Becoming part of the Black Optix Tint family means stepping into a world where automotive aesthetics meet cutting-edge technology. What sets our franchise apart is a commitment to providing more than just window tinting – we offer a transformative experience for both vehicles and their owners.

Black Optix Tint franchisees enter a market where simplicity meets sophistication. Our brand stands out for offering a range of tinting options that go beyond the ordinary. From enhancing privacy to reducing heat and glare, our franchisees become purveyors of a service that combines style with practicality, appealing to a broad spectrum of customers.

The Black Optix Tint franchise is more than a business venture; it’s an opportunity to become a trendsetter in the automotive enhancement industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a dedication to staying at the forefront of tinting innovations, franchisees become ambassadors for a brand that not only elevates the appearance of vehicles but also enhances the driving experience. Join us in a journey where window tinting is not just a service but a statement, and where each tinted vehicle becomes a rolling showcase of style and comfort.


Minimum Qualifications:


Investment Range

$173,100 – $309,000

Net Worth


Liquid Capital





of gross sales


Comprehensive New Franchisee Training: Covers site selection, operations, marketing, and essential skills like hiring, installation, inventory, and customer service.

Strategic focus on SEO, targeted ads, and social media from pre to post-opening, ensuring a lasting digital impact.

Sustains continuous training in operations, maintenance, inventory, customer service, ad sales, and administration.


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