Close your Franchise Deal With Confidence

Streamline Your Franchise Deal from Negotiation to Closing with Expert Tools and Guidance.

Deal Maker: Negotiate and Prepare your Deal with Confidence

Discover Deal Maker: Designed to help you negotiate and prepare a win-win deal once you have a serious buyer.  You’ll have access to the tools, resources and guidance you need to conduct your deal while minimizing your legal/closing fees, and without paying thousands in unnecessary and expensive broker fees.

What's Included

Step-by-Step Guide

A comprehensive guide to navigate each stage of your franchise resale deal.

Deadline Scheduler

Tool to set and track critical milestones, ensuring timely progress towards closing.

Due Diligence Planner

Tool to guide you and the buyer through an effective Due Diligence process.

Deal Terms Sheet

Outlines your mutually agreed upon deal terms for your final Purchase Agreement

Resale Advisor Access

Access to expert advice and answers from our seasoned Resale Advisors.


Initial Fee

$ 500 Includes Unlimited use

Paid Upon Closing

$ 999

How it works

Step-by-Step Guide: Get a clear roadmap to help you navigate your deal.  Your guide will outline the process of creating and negotiating your unique deal, as well as provide you with the important steps and tips you’ll need as you work with your buyer towards closing your deal.

Deadline Scheduler: Set & track crucial milestones so you can stay on course. Our “Schedule of Deadlines Creator Tool” will help you determine the necessary timeline for activities that must be completed for you and your Buyer to effectively progress towards the closing table.  This tool will assist in organizing and completing the general actions, dates and deadlines necessary to close your deal.

Due Diligence Planner: Create an effective and efficient Due Diligence process. Every buyer will “inspect” the business they are buying. Our tool will help you and your buyer define and conduct a proper inspection of the business quickly so you can move on to other important aspects of your deal.

Deal Terms Sheet: Outline the specific terms for your deal and save money on attorney fees. Use our “Deal Terms Creator tool” to determine and outline the unique terms of your deal so that they are clearly understood by both parties and ready for an attorney to efficiently draft your final Purchase Agreement.

Access to a Resale Advisor: Get support from your Resale Advisor to answer questions and provide direction as you move forward with your Buyer.  

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