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Franchise Flippers is the industry expert in buying, building, and selling franchises.  Whether you need a value estimate, a strategy and avenue for selling your franchise, or are looking for the perfect franchise to buy, we can help.  Franchise Flippers also boasts the world’s #1 franchise resale marketplace where serious franchise buyers and sellers learn, connect, and make life changing deals.  


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When it comes to selling a franchise, there are many paths to consider.  We help guide you to the right exit path for your unique circumstances by providing you with a value estimate, road map, sound personal advice, and extensive resources.  Simply put, we help you take the best path to selling your franchise. 


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We have 3 great selling options to help you list and promote your business when you are ready to sell. We also help you find great franchise businesses for sale when you are ready to buy… all on the world’s #1 franchise resale marketplace.

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We bring people together so you can learn, grow, and succeed in franchising alongside others. Have you joined our community?

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We guide you through the decision and the process of selling or buying an existing franchise business when the time is right. We serve people like you who want trustworthy and expert help when making these big life decisions.

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Buying or selling a franchise can be overwhelming on your own, especially without the right resources – that’s where Franchise Flippers come in.

Whether you currently own a franchise and are looking to sell, or you want to buy one, Franchise Flippers is here to help!

We are more than a franchise resale marketplace. Franchise Flippers is a Community of buyers, builders and sellers looking to succeed in franchising. 


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The Best Way to Buy A Franchise 

If you are looking for an existing franchise for sale, you’re in the right place.  We have the largest exclusive franchise resale marketplace in North America, which includes countless deals on incredible existing franchises for sale. We also provide tools and resources to help you through the buy-a-franchise process.

Frequently Asked Questions For Buyers

Should I buy a new or existing franchise?

Starting from scratch with a new territory and buying an existing franchise both have their advantages and challenges.  Oftentimes a franchise resale opportunity will provide a faster path to positive cash flow.  An existing franchise may also have many important pieces already in place such as location, employees, and an established customer base, just to name a few.  In some cases a franchise resale can be acquired for less “out-of-pocket” money than is required to open a new location. More insight on this topic can be found here.

What makes a franchise good to buy?

Many factors determine how great a franchise brand is.  Many of these factors may be unique to your personal needs and preferences.  Here are a few to consider:

    • Transferability: How easy will it be to sell your franchise when it is time to move on?
    • Flexibility:  How flexible is your time requirement and your specific role in the business?
    • Profitability:  How profitable can and should the franchise be (review Item 19 in the FDD and talk to current franchise owners)?  Does it meet your requirements and how does it compare to other opportunities requiring a similar investment?
    • Growth Opportunity:  Is there opportunity to acquire or open new locations?
    • Community and Culture:  Is the culture of the franchise one you will enjoy and fit into?

More helpful information on this topic can be found here.

How much does it cost to start a franchise?

The cost of starting a new franchise can greatly vary.  Many franchises can be opened for less than $100,000, yet many others will cost $1 Million or more to open.  Rest assured, if you have some money to invest, you can probably find a franchise that will fit your budget.  Don’t overlook the possibility of buying an existing franchise.  Great deals can be found on franchises for sale that are already operating and generating cash flow. 

How much do franchises actually make?

There is a very wide spectrum when it comes to how much money franchises make.  Many factors contribute to the amount of money that might be made in a franchise.  Some of those factors include the type of franchise, the level of involvement by the franchise owner, and how long the franchise brand and the individual location has been established.  It’s important to review item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document, as well as talk to current and past franchise owners when trying to determine the financial benefit a franchise business might provide.

What are the benefits of owning a franchise?

There’s a variety of benefits and drawbacks to owning a franchise.  Some benefits include having an established brand name, a proven business model to follow, and a support team to guide your success.  Some drawbacks may include having less flexibility in how you operate your business, limiting your operation to your defined territory, and of course, paying franchise fees and royalties.  A great article on some of the advantages and disadvantages of franchising can be found here.

The Best Way to Sell A Franchise 

Interested in selling your franchise but don’t want to pay an expensive commission?  Let us help you find a buyer and provide you with tips and resources to guide you through the sell-a-franchise process.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Sellers

How do I sell an existing franchise?

Selling your franchise can be a difficult, yet rewarding process.  Whether you need to sell quickly or are ready to cash out, you typically have three options.  You can sell it on your own (For Sale By Owner), engage a business broker (and pay 10% – 15% commissions), or pay your franchisor to sell it for you (if they offer this service).  There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these options so it is important to explore each of them. If you need guidance on the best strategy to sell your franchise or should you choose to sell your franchise on your own, using the resources, marketplace and advice that Franchise Flippers offers will be essential.

How do you promote my franchise for sale?

We promote your franchise on the Franchise Flippers marketplace, the largest exclusive franchise resale marketplace in North America.  If you choose our Featured or Premium services, we also promote your business to our fast growing community of buyers looking for existing franchises to buy, as well as our multifaceted social media network.  This diverse strategy uniquely enables your franchise to gain exposure to many potential buyers.

How much should I sell my franchise for?

Determining the value and likely sales price of a franchise business is not always simple.  Franchisors will sometimes offer a “rule of thumb” for valuing your franchise.  Business brokers can typically provide a thorough and customized opinion of value that considers a number of factors such as the local market, comps of similar businesses that have previously sold or are for sale now, and multipliers based on your revenue, cashflow, EBITDA and other factors.  If you need help determining what your franchise is worth, let Franchise Flippers connect you to the right resource.

How long does it normally take to sell an existing franchise?

Selling a franchise can take as little as a few months or as long as several years.  It is prudent to expect the sale of your franchise to take 8-12 months.  The unfortunate reality is that many businesses for sale never actually sell.  You can improve your chances of finding a buyer by advertising in a variety of places, pricing your franchise properly, and offering attractive terms and transition support.

Do I need to hire an attorney and accountant to sell my franchise?

We always recommend working closely with an attorney to help you close the deal.  Your Franchisor will also be involved with this process and should provide some assistance and guidance.  You will also want to work with an accountant to make sure you are fully aware of the financial strategies and obligations that may apply to your sale.  Franchise Flippers can connect you with franchise attorneys and CPAs should you need one. There is often a significant difference between what you actually take home and what your sales price is so seeking proper advice can help set proper expectations.

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