“I felt clueless when I entered the process with Franchise Flippers. I know I took some investment on the front end, but those conversations paid out in the long run. Franchise Flippers professionalized my selling process. The Road Map gave me clarity on what to talk through with buyers and the franchisee. The professional marketing materials, the Non Disclosure Agreement signing, the tips on how to engage the buyer, the quick transfer of pre-qualified buyer to me, and the valuation sheets were all helpful components to my sale. It is important for seller to know this isn’t magic, you must keep every potential buyer on a schedule of contacts. For the value, I would send franchisee’s to Franchise Flippers.” – Halley, The Exercise Coach, (Franchise Sold July 2024}

“Through Franchise Flippers services, I was able to have an understanding of how to price my business based on the sales price of comparable franchises. The exposure I got from listing with them was invaluable, as well their guidance on what info to present upfront as part if the sales process.” – Robert R., Home Repairs Franchise, (Franchise Sold May 2024)

“The whole process was simple and efficient. The value assessment took the guess work out of the numbers and provided transparency to the buyer.” – Mike C., LaVida Massage, (Franchise Sold May 2024)

“Tremendous service and value from Jeremy and team from start to finish through the initial valuation, exit roadmap and follow up conversations.  Eternally grateful after a successful sale. ” – Dan, All Dry, (Franchise Sold March 2024)

“Franchise Flippers have given me the information and roadmap to readying the business to market for sale when I am ready. I did not choose to move forward immediately but will be now and taking advantage of the marketing expertise to get to qualified buyers and the right price for the sale” – Anonymous, Seller/Franchisee, Pet Services – Dog Training, Value Assessment and Exit Roadmap client, Nov 2023

“Using Franchise Flippers was the best decision we made for the sale of our business. Their services were a fraction of the cost, compared to ‘full service’ brokers, but FF provided great guidance and information that made our sale by owner process easy. The value assessment, marketing plan and advertising support, along with responsiveness to ad-hoc questions that provided additional guidance helped us tremendously.” – Franchisee (Sold October 2023)

“Great experience with Flippers. Very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Frank, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions, (Franchise Sold Sept 2023)

“As we worked with Franchise Flippers we grew to understand what potential buyers would be looking for and how to grow the potential value of our business. Very straightforward Exit plan for us.” – Terri (franchise sold August 2023)

“Franchise Flippers is a first class organization with capable and seasoned staff. They were quick to help me assess my situation and provide me with the tools to sell my business. The timeline from initial consultation to the final sale was just shy of 60 days. We received a full price offer and could not be more pleased with the service and help we received.” – Brent (franchise sold April 2023)

“It was so simple. They did all the work and I had an offer on my company within 30 days. We closed the deal in 4 months. I was expecting it to take at least a year. It was amazing!” – Trent (franchise sold July 2022)

“Franchise Flippers was invaluable in guiding me through the entire process of selling my store.  From assisting with valuation, creation of my ad, listing it, maintaining lists of potential buyers, and guiding me through the sales cycle, I couldn’t have done it without their expertise.” – Jonas R., Cold Stone Creamery (franchise sold July 2022)

“I was very happy with the insight and projected value of the stores.   Franchise Flippers provided an excellent starting point for my business valuation and comparisons of similar sales. Follow up was very good, as I have been in contact with them throughout the entire process.   Sold 2 of my businesses at top dollar using Franchise Flippers.  Highly recommend.” – Gregg, QSR / Super Premium Ice Cream Franchise (franchise sold Feb 2022)

“We utilized Franchise Flippers to value our company that we were looking to sell. Though we had a value in our mind, they were able to verify it which brought legitimacy to our sale with a subset of buyers.” – Jessica, Insulation company (franchise sold 2022)

“Franchise Flippers helped us getting our business listed for sale simple and easy. They have excellent communication and are very prompt in addressing any changes that we wanted made.” – anonymous seller (2022)

“Selling a business for the first time is overwhelming. Every business owner should have an exit strategy. Franchise Flippers gave me direction, confidence and helped me create the tools that I needed to sell. They made the whole process more professional and more efficient than trying to do this all myself.” – Linda G, Liberty Tax Service (franchise sold Dec 2021)

“I wanted you to know that our franchise has officially sold! The buyer saw our listing on Franchise Flippers and contacted us via you. We are very pleased with the value and speed of the service you provide. We wouldn’t be here today without your guidance and help. Thank you so much.” – Amy and Randy, Pool Scouts (franchise sold Sept 2021)

“I’m happy to say that we closed on the sale of business last week. The buyer is actually one of the leads that came from Franchise Flippers. THANK YOU! We appreciate all that Franchise Flippers has done for us and will recommend your services in the future.” – Fran, Lawn Doctor (franchise sold Aug 2021)

“Franchise Flippers generated a lot of leads, one of which ended up being the perfect buyer.” – anonymous seller (franchise sold 2021)




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