Why BUY A GradePower Learning  Franchise?

At GradePower Learning, our cognitive teaching strategies focus on meaningful learning. We do not focus on memorization or repetition. Instead, our tutors teach students the fundamentals of lifelong learning. Children learn skills and strategies that will help them on the way to better grades in school, including how to think critically and how to make lasting connections between topics. 

Factors of Cognitive Learning 

1) Comprehension: Building cognitive learning skills teaches students how to learn more effectively. Students learn to do more than repeat what they have learned. They understand the “why” behind a topic and how it fits into a larger picture. 

2) Memory: Unlike drill-and-kill memorization methods, cognitive learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of a subject. This improves recall in the long run, so students can build upon past knowledge. 

3) Application: The cognitive learning approach gives students the chance to reflect on what they are learning and how it applies to other material. This helps students develop problem-solving skills they need to create new connections between what they are learning.

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The GradePower Learning Difference

Our proprietary curriculum is developed in-house by a team of curriculum specialists, and is continually updated to reflect the latest educational standards. From early reading programs to college entrance exams, GradePower Learning’s proprietary curriculum continually surpasses educational standards. In terms of business operations, every franchisee has access to our state-of-the-art Management Information System (MIS), which is a centralized portal to manage every aspect of your learning center, including all client-facing functions and internal business management. 

GradePower Learning seeks franchisees who not only believe in our approach and love learning, but also have a business background and an outgoing personality. We provide extensive training and coaching, so no MBA or teaching degree is required. 

We operate as GradePower Learning in the US and Oxford Learning in Canada. New and resale franchise opportunities are currently available in the US and Canada.

Minimum Qualifications:

Working Capital


Net Worth


Estimated Investment 

$105,000 – $275,000

Good Credit

No Education Background Required



of gross sales



5 – 10 days Initial Training (currently virtual)

Operating manuals & video materials covering all aspects of business 

Meetings with leadership team and support staff 

Launch Specialist to help you get started 

Award-Winning Marketing

Dedicated Franchise Performance and Growth Specialist

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