Why BUY an M14HOOPS Franchise?

Discover the excitement of M14HOOPS, where the joy of basketball meets personalized coaching. Our brand is all about bringing the fun and fundamentals of the game to aspiring players of all ages. Imagine a basketball experience that goes beyond the court – that’s what M14HOOPS is all about.

What makes M14HOOPS special is our focus on individual growth and enjoyment. We believe in making every session not just about skills but also about the sheer joy of playing the game. Our expert coaches bring a mix of passion and simplicity to every lesson, ensuring that each player feels motivated and accomplished.

M14HOOPS stands out by keeping it simple. No overwhelming drills or complicated strategies – just pure basketball enjoyment. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our programs are designed to foster a love for the game while helping you improve at your own pace.

Choose M14HOOPS for an experience that’s more than just basketball. It’s a journey of learning, laughter, and love for the game, all wrapped up in a community of players and coaches who share your passion. Join us in embracing the spirit of basketball in its purest, most enjoyable form.

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The M14HOOPS Difference

Elevate your basketball journey by becoming part of the M14HOOPS family – a franchise that stands out for its commitment to creating more than just players; we build a basketball community. What makes our franchise truly unique is the fusion of skill development and the pure joy of the game.

M14HOOPS franchisees are not just coaches; they’re mentors shaping the next generation of basketball enthusiasts. Our brand emphasizes a personalized coaching approach that celebrates individual progress, ensuring that players experience the excitement of improvement while fostering a lifelong love for the sport.

At the core of M14HOOPS is a philosophy of simplicity and enjoyment. We provide a basketball experience that is accessible and engaging for all skill levels, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Franchisees embark on this journey with a proven system that combines expertise with a supportive community atmosphere, creating a basketball space that goes beyond the court.

Choosing an M14HOOPS franchise means joining a movement that transforms basketball into a source of joy, skill enhancement, and community building. It’s not just a franchise; it’s an opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of players and a driving force in the local basketball scene.

Minimum Qualifications:


Investment Range

1 Unit:

$97,380 – $127,500

2-10 Units:

$139,380 – $362,500

Liquid Capital


Net Worth





of weekly Gross Sales



Owner: 12 classroom hours

Owner: The franchisee will have weekly calls with an assigned member of M14 leadership team

Operator: 2-week classroom and live training 40 hours a week in Aurora or Indianapolis

Operator: Weekly professional development sessions.



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