Buying and Selling a Franchise

Realizing the full American dream


Thinking about buying or selling an existing franchise business?  Franchising is an amazing industry! The appeal and benefits of owning a franchise are plentiful, but perhaps the most compelling reason is that franchises are a means by which entrepreneurs can confidently pursue and realize the American Dream!  The dream of opportunity, freedom, and prosperity in our work!


Half of the Dream

Countless individuals and families have realized the first half of the American Dream. Through small business ownership, many have worked hard to buy and build businesses that provide good incomes for their families, often in a franchise system.  They have been able to enjoy many of life’s pleasures along the way.

Of course none of it came easily, and it wasn’t always the perfect picture of success.  No one skates through unscathed, but many business owners have enjoyed the fruits of their labor and can take pride in what they have accomplished while running their business.  This is the first half of the American Dream – starting or buying your own business and then running it successfully.

The Full American Dream

Far too many business owners never realize the second half of the American Dream – cashing out. Most entrepreneurs don’t comprehend that the odds may be stacked against them when it is time to sell their existing franchise business for maximum value. Selling a business is more difficult to accomplish than one might expect, when not working with the right franchise resale company.  Every year tens of thousands of small businesses for sale remain unsold. It is estimated that 80% – 90% of businesses that are listed for sale don’t sell! This can be a crushing blow after years of hard work and dreams of cashing out some day.

The good news for franchise owners is that strong franchise brands have an inherent value that can and should be realized when selling a business. The most attractive and established franchise brands have a track record of successful sales of existing locations to new owners. These franchisors know that encouraging and enabling their franchisees to sell their franchises for a nice profit is what attracts new high caliber franchisees into their system. They also know that new blood in their franchise system is healthy. The best franchises, even the newest brands, want to see successful franchise resales.

While emerging and growing franchise brands may not yet have a long history of franchise resales, many understand the importance of helping their franchise owners to profitably resell their franchise business when they are ready to move on.  They know intelligent franchise buyers want a business in which they can build equity and then cash out with a successful franchise resale in the future. These franchisors want to create a history of successful resales.

Franchise Flippers helps franchise buyers and sellers win!  Buying and Selling an existing franchise business is the full realization of the American Dream for small business owners. Let the Franchise Flippers franchise resale company help you achieve it.

Franchise Flippers is the leading resource and marketplace for buying and selling existing franchise operations.  We partner with franchisors and franchisees to help them create and experience the full American Dream through successfully buying and selling an existing franchise business.

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