Why BUY a Strickland Brothers Franchise?

Welcome to Strickland Brothers, your go-to destination for hassle-free and reliable car care. Picture a place where getting your oil changed is not just a task but an experience that’s quick, easy, and done right every time. That’s the essence of Strickland Brothers.

What makes us stand out is the commitment to simplicity. No more waiting for hours or dealing with confusing service options – at Strickland Brothers, we prioritize your time and peace of mind. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing efficient and top-notch services, ensuring your car is in great shape without the hassle.

At Strickland Brothers, we understand the importance of a smoothly running vehicle. Our services go beyond just oil changes; we offer a range of car care solutions, from inspections to maintenance, all in a customer-friendly environment. With Strickland Brothers, you can trust that your car is in expert hands.

Choose Strickland Brothers for a car care experience that’s about you. It’s not just an oil change; it’s a commitment to keeping your vehicle running smoothly, and hassle-free. Join us in making car care easy, convenient, and a positive part of your day, every time you visit Strickland Brothers.

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The Strickland Brothers Difference

Owning a Strickland Brothers franchise is not just about running a car care business; it’s about being part of a trusted and customer-focused brand that simplifies the automotive maintenance experience. What makes our franchise stand out is a commitment to providing more than routine services – it’s about creating a stress-free haven for car owners.

The Strickland Brothers franchise is unique in its dedication to efficiency and customer satisfaction. Franchisees become ambassadors of a brand that prioritizes simplicity in every aspect of the car care journey. Our franchise is not just about changing oil; it’s about offering a comprehensive range of services in a streamlined, customer-friendly environment.

At the heart of Strickland Brothers is the understanding that car care should be straightforward. Franchisees enter a market where each visit is not just a transaction but an opportunity to make a positive impact on customers’ days. The Strickland Brothers franchise is an invitation to be part of a brand that values time, quality, and customer relationships, providing an essential service that simplifies car maintenance for every community it serves. Join us in making car care easy, reliable, and a positive experience for every customer, every time.

Minimum Qualifications:


Investment Range

$217,900 – $372,900

Liquid Capital


Net Worth





of Gross Revenue



Classroom Training: 10 hours

On-The-Job Training: 80 hours

Each owner is assigned a dedicated

Franchise Business Consultant (FBC)

Strickland Brothers University – College-level Platform for Employee & Management E-learning


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